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Fox Garage Door Repair

Of Harvey IL

Repair – Service – Installation


Garage Doors

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Door maintenance

Panel replacement

Bent rails & off tracks

Hardware & parts


Spring replacement

Torsion & extantion

Spring adjustment

System conversion

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Sensors replacement

Receiver service

Gear replacement


Cable installation

Loose cable adjustment

Cable drums

Cable maintenance

Off pulleys cables


Reviews & testimonials from local Harvey IL customers

Fast solutions for you

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I preferred the fast, extremely efficient and friendly service of Fox Garage Door Repair Harvey IL. They went ahead of time as guaranteed and the professionals were genuinely knowledgeable and experienced. I have been substantially more joyful with working with such a highly reputable company like Fox Fox Garage Door Repairs. If you are faced with some garage door issues, I' would advise you to use the Fox Garage Door Repair services offered by the company. I promise you won't regret it.

Arrived ready to work

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I appreciate the fast and efficient Fox Garage Door Repair service delivered by this company. The once was problematic garage doors were completely fixed and do not pose problems anymore. Now that my garage doors were expertly fixed, I don't have to worry anymore. Thank you Fox Garage Door Repair Harvey IL Company for saving me from lots of hassles and stress.

No problems at all

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Fox Garage Door Repair Harvey IL sent me exceptionally talented and skilled specialist who was on time, considerate and extremely proficient. The entire time he was doing the repairs, he actually clarifies what those repairs were about. When I make inquiries, he gives answer effortlessly and unquestionably. I can unmistakably observe he was experienced in this kind of job and this makes me willing to put my trust on them. After he's done, he additionally tidied up and cleaned up which made everything simple for me. Working with Fox Fox Garage Door Repair was indeed a wonderful experience!

Professionals in each step

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Our garage door system is really making me feel stress and frustrated. It isn't working for two days now. It's stuck in the center and we couldn't fix it no matter what we do. Be that as it may, Fox Garage Door Repair in Harvey IL professionals were truly fast on rectifying the issue. Turns out that the cables needed to be replaced as soon as possible. They dealt with the repairs and replacements and checked if there are some other issues so that they can completely fix everything. It was done well altogether! Big thanks to Fox Garage Door Repair. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

problems at all

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When opening the garage door this morning, I noticed that it does not open completely. Gratefully, Fox Garage Door Repair Service Harvey IL got the best experts. They came into my place the soonest they can, checked the garage doors and rectified the actual problems of my garage door. They likewise assessed the entire garage door system to ensure there aren't any other problem and that the door opens and closes properly. We've been utilizing our garage door for many days now after being serviced and so far no issues encountered anymore.

Big advantage calling them

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Every time I use the garage door, it continues squeaking and snorting and this started to be very disturbing. With much annoyance due to this situation, I seek for professional help and ended up calling Fox Garage Door Repair Service in Harvey IL, since this is one of the most famous companies in our place. This company is not just all about being famous but being expert in Fox Garage Door Repair service. They executed fast and efficient repair required by the situation and have come up with great results as expected. Such a highly reliable company with top of the line repair service you can count on

Garage Door Repair Harvey IL Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 6 reviews.

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Price Range: $100-$2500

Covering the following zip codes: 60426