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Local gates and fences repair and installation company servicing Montebello CA and surrounded cities whitin 35 miles.

Tel : (323) 739-5689
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Price Range: $150-$4500

Covering the following zip codes: 90640


Local Montebello CA customer reviews

Wonderful selection

The professional technician at Fox Electric Gate Repair in Montebello CA just came over immediately to repair my gate. He also changed my gate code and secured my home. He also replaced the missing bolt at no fee. He was indeed friendly, knowledgeable, professional and prompt. I now have a company to rely on for a garage door repair. I will also recommend them to some of my colleagues and friends. I just so loved their service and I just could not find any other company to ask for help other than Fox Gate Repair!
- Kimberly Paterson

The most reliable electric gate specialists

I talked to the professional guy at Fox Gate Repair Montebello CA. He paid attention to my requests and he patiently repaired the gate. He also considered my suggestions. I will definitely recommend the company for the service that was offered to me. My gate is now working smoothly, perfectly and properly. I will never ever compare the company than any other and other previous company. I just loved the fast, reliable and dependable service offered to me. Thank You!
- Katherine Cameron

These guys know their stuff

I asked the guy whom I talked to over the phone. I could say that I had not experienced such specific attention from an expert company other than Electric Gate Repair Montebello CA. I told them about the issue I had with the garage door in the past. He then told me of garage conversion possible. In my honest opinion, the company is a reliable, dependable and expert in the field. I could go on a lot of strong and good points about the company. Thank you so much!
- Joseph Lee

Such a polite and appreciative group

Perfect! Fox driveway gate installation in Montebello CA is indeed reliable and dependable especially when it comes to accommodating my schedule. The pricing was also good. Such a business-like, efficient and honest guy to repair your gate will impress you the most. The malfunctioned gate was now working. Both my wife and I felt happy because of the job well done. The project was also handled and managed the best way possible. I will definitely put them into our reliable and dependable service people.
- Anne Short

The technicians did a brilliant job

I found the guys at Fox Gate Repair very excellent and very responsive. They were clear about what they are really doing. I was not surprised that they have left me with a brand new gate. The gate now looks so amazing. They appeared on my house the next day. They also provided me the best level of attention. Thus, I am giving this positive review in order that the company gets lots of feedbacks from others. And, this way, they will also have the same experience of the best and most excellent service.
- Boris Hamilton

Home looks new with my new gate

I really had the best experience from the swing gate repair in Montebello CA. They also repaired our gate. They also checked something and they did it immediately. I will always put my trust to the company for their unparalleled support and service. I will be happy and satisfied with their service. I will continue to patronize the company for the job well done. I will also suggest them to my neighbors and friends. They will also be mostly impressed because of the service carried out the best and most excellent way possible!
- Leonard Mackenzie

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