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Reviews & Testimonials from local Fallbrook customers

Flexible professionals

Working with Fox Gate Repair was completely painless. The process was easy, the customer service great and the technician being not pushy at all. He never did pressure me into buying a product or using a certain service from them. All he did is ask questions about the problem, inspect the gate and then proceed to fixing it. All the while, he explained the repairs he is doing, all the benefits and how much it will cost. Because it was really transparent service, I felt really confident they will deliver great service the whole time and they did. Thanks!
- Tim McDonald

Such fantastic employees

I've called Fox Gate Repairs twice already and they were quick and efficient at both times. Their installers were very professional and proficiently fitted our new custom gates. The second time, they were great when we asked them to check out because it's been squeaking when used lately. At both times, they gave me quick price and I really appreciate that. Nice work!
- Alan James

Simply the best people

The installers were real awesome. They came on the same day I called and fixed our gates quicker than expected. It was weekend and we needed the gate fixed by Monday since we're all gonna be busy with school and work. Thankfully, they came through just in time. I'm really happy with swing gate repair in Fallbrook CA quick and quality service.
- Jack Wilson

Exceeded my expectations

Great service Fox Electric Gate Repair in Fallbrook CA. I liked the quality custom gate and the very professional service. Really nice work!
- Christian Davidson

Professionals in each step

A couple of days ago, my gate broke down so we badly needed it fixed. Thankfully, Fox driveway gate installation in Fallbrook CA sent us someone to repair it exactly on the day we called. I like the quick service and also the reasonable price. Overall, it was an impressive work. Really love it!
- Steven Wilkins

Best services here

Fox Gate Repair did a great job in fixing my gate. It's been a long time since I last had it maintained so it really is quite in bad condition. But Fox worked their magic and fixed the gate, maintained it and now it looks brand new. Whatever you did to improve the look of my gate, really thanks! What an exceptional service you did there!
- Jake Grant

Came while I worked

It was truly great service! I love that Electric Gate Repair Fallbrook CA were the kind of company that I'd be really glad to recommend to my friends. It was very professional, very skilled and truly overall great job. Their technicians were a pleasure to work with and he was able to repair our gate not over an hour. This certainly was one of my best experiences.
- Alan MacLeod

Pioneers in excellence

Thanks Fox Gate Repair Fallbrook CA! When I called and asked to have someone sent to fix our gates, they promptly sent someone. The technicians were all professional and quickly repaired my gate. Within the day, my gate was back to proper working order and now I feel more secure at home. Thanks Fox Gate Repairs.
- Amy Gibson

Zero problems

Couldn't be happier with Fox Gate Repair. They came right on time, explained every detail of the service to us and fixed the gate exceptionally well. It hasn't been working properly for a while now, we didn't know what the problem was even after checking it a lot of time. But with their technician, they were able to see the problem quick and solve it just fast.
- Claire Hudson

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