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Reviews & Testimonials from local Del Mar customers

Such a fast service

The Fox Gate Repair really did an excellent job on our gate. Their technicians also gave us an initial estimate with regard to gate repair services. After I agreed on their initial estimate, I immediately called the company over the phone. I set up an appointment with the company and I was surprised that they were able to come to our location at the same day. The technicians were very professional and friendly as they get along with us and respond to our concerns. Thanks Fox Gate Repair Del Mar CA because we are very happy with the experience you have given us.
- Elizabeth Duncan

Such strong work ethic

After I received two quotes, I believe that the Fox Gate Repair was the most excellent and reasonable of them all. We actually experienced a minor issue on our gate because it is not opening and closing. Fox driveway gate installation in Del Mar CA technician told us that they can bring out the best assistance via a repair process. I trusted the company and it is really worth it to see that my gate is functioning well again after their repair services. This company gave me a chance to obtain the most satisfying experience which I was not able to obtain before.
- Natalie Clark

The best! hands down

Fox Gate Repair was a company worth hiring for. I had to call them prior to the simple issues we had on our gate. We were hesitant but because of the positive reviews about the company, we were motivated to choose them over others. I thought it was not the right decision but I had no choice but to consider their repair services. They came on time and they checked everything on our gate. I just loved how professional and nice these guys are.
- Gavin Hill

The perfect service

Swing gate repair in Del Mar CA technicians were really remarkable. They were on our location right away and they were very considerate enough prior to our chosen schedule. Their technicians also came to our location and they also assessed everything. They also gave us a reasonable quote right away. They had a wide range of gate repair services that just made them different from other companies. They also really worked hard to repair our gate.
- Emma Dyer

Loved the process

From all those gate repair companies, I would definitely choose Electric Gate Repair Del Mar CA. Their technicians came on time and gave us the final estimate right away. They were easy and simple to get along with. You can always talk to them when you have specific concerns on the repair services they offer. All the parts of our gate were assessed and tested if they are still functioning. In just a few minutes, our gate has become functional and working again. It was really a nice experience to work with you guys!
- Michelle Burgess

Zero problems

I was referred by my friend to choose the Fox Electric Gate Repair in Del Mar CA. Their technicians were really professional, nice and friendly. They also offered me the best repair services at the best prices possible. I am a kind of customer which is cautious of the high standards. I was also really impressed with Fox Gate Repair since they exceeded and met my standards. Thank you very much Fox Gate Repair for a job well done.
- Richard Gray

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