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Fantastic service!

I love the fact that Fox garage door repair provides same day service. I was in big trouble today I couldn’t open my garage door to get my care out so I had to call an Uber. When I got to work, I say that they only charge nineteen dollars to look at it so I booked my appointment. I also loved that I can set my own appointment time, I didn’t know companies worked after five which is the time I get out. When the tech told, me it was my opener that was burned out and it wasn’t repairable I was most certain that he wasn’t going to be able to replace it that same day. but when he told me he had an opener in his truck, I think it was the happiest day ever. They did great!
- Ana Evans

Wonderful Experience

I just want to thank Fox garage door repair and their team for being such a great company. I have had then come to my house for different occasions and every time they fix something they are kind enough to check everything. I haven’t had a problem with my garage door in a good while but if you guys are looking for a great loyal and professional company its garage door repair.
- Lorenzo Cox

Thank you for standing behind your work.

My smart little nephew left his bike under the garage door so when my mom closed it, it bent the whole rail on the bottom. So now when we tried to open it, it wouldn’t open or close the whole way because of the panel that was bent. We immediately called Fox garage door repair and they came out the next day to fix it. They walked us through what they were going to do and they did a great job.
- Mary Gill