The Common Mistakes People Make With Their Garage Doors

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Garage Doors

You might be aware that the garage door is probably the second largest moving part in your home after the gate if your home has one. It might look good, bad, simple or old but the truth is; you need it to keep your garage locked. Due to this reason, you should ensure that you provide proper maintenance and repair anytime it’s required. Most people often overlook some the basic needs of their garage door which results to injuries or accidents which could have been prevented. It’s a fact that the garage door is as important as any other appliance in your home, its saves you the high costs of replacement. Fox Garage Door Repair discusses some of the four common mistakes;

  1. Failing to check the door

Since you might have a busy weekly schedule, you end up forgetting to inspect the gate. Inspection is not a task that takes up much of your time, so you should always create time for it. Just like any other part of the house, it should be vacuumed and cleaned regularly.

  1. Trying to replace parts on your own

As a way of trying to save money, people try to replace their garage door parts own their own and they end damaging the door in the process.  Garage door springs and bearings are not easy to replace and you should call a professional in case you suspect any part needs repair. Overlooking

  1. Ignoring an obvious problem

You might have heard a squeaky noise come out of your garage door, but, you assume its nothing serious. Such a mistake can be very costly since it might incur high costs of repair or replacement. If you notice anything weird about your door, kindly call a technician, diagnosing such a problem is very simple for them.

  1. Using the wrong tool

Some of the maintenance tasks are quite easy and you can do them on your own, however, using the wrong tool can end up ruining your garage door. Always make sure you have the right tool when carrying out maintenance on your garage door. One very important thing should not forget to do during the light maintenance is lubrication and tightening of the wrench. Additionally, if you know you cannot solve the problem, just call a professional technician. For the best garage door repair and installation services contact Fox Garage Door Repair, we never disappoint.