A Garage Door Opener Buying Guide

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Garage Doors

A garage door opener is an essential part of the garage door since its helps with opening and closing of the garage which can be a tedious task when done manually. Not only does it make the task easier, but, it also makes your garage more secure. Choosing the right garage door opener is not as easy as what some of us think, since garages are of different sizes and designs. Therefore, it’s important to choose one that meets your needs, lifestyle and most of importantly, your budget.

Common features of garage door openers;

  • Remote controlled

In case you live in area where most of your neighbors also have garage door openers, the signals from their openers can cause interference to yours. So it’s important to choose an opener that has a dual frequency range and can be easily remote controlled.

  • Low noise

For most people who are noise sensitive, a direct driven or belt driven model is the best choice, especially if the living space is adjacent to the garage.

  • Rolling code technology

Unauthorized entry into your garage is prevented, since the technology selects a non repeating code for you as the owner every time you use the remote control. In addition, it prevents your garage from being accidentally opened by your neighbor’s remote.

  • Battery back up

This allows you to have access to your garage during power outages. In case you garage door opener doesn’t come with it; you can add it or just open the door manually.

  • Internet connectivity

Due to growing technological innovations, most homes have now become interconnected. Checking the status of your garage door can now be done remotely provided it has an internet-connected controller.

  • Overhead lights

Light is important especially at night, garage door openers should have lights that can be operated independently, even when the garage is not being opened or closed. Advanced garage door openers have sensors that activate the lights when you are in the garage.

Things you should know before you buy;

  • The type of motor you need

Garage doors vary in size and weight, from light weight to heavy models that have insulation. Consequently, you should be sure that the opener you want to buy will efficiently open your garage door.

  • The height of your garage

Most garage door openers can handle a 7 foot high garage door easily; however, taller doors require the use of an extension kit which will end up costing you more, about $50 extra.

  • HPS and HPc

The lifting power of most AC motors is normally in horse power. Contrary to this, garage door openers use DC motors hence their power rating might be in horse power similar (HPS) or horse power comparable which is equivalent to HP in AC motors.

  • Can you do it yourself or you need to hire a professional?

Installing a garage door opener is not any easy task especially if you are not a technician. The instructions manual can help you in following all the necessary steps so that you can install it in the right way. Nonetheless, you should always contact a professional if you are not familiar with the installation.

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