Fox Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I program my garage door remote control?

You first have to locate the learn button, it may be green, red, yellow with a small LED next to it, once you find it press and release the learn button, within 30 sec press the button of your choice for 3 seconds once the button is off or blinks the programming was

How do I install my garage door opener?
Every garage door opener comes with an instruction manual, there for it lets you know how to install the opener, this is something very delicate we always recommend you call a professional if you want to.
How to remove my garage door safely?
It’s always recommended for you to call a professional in this type of situation do to the fact that it’s a two or three-man job it’s also a delict procedure.
What size are my garage door springs?
The garage door spring usually have a label on the side that could help you determine the size of the spring and if you can’t find it, simply measure the length and width but usually helps if you call a professional to help.
Why is my garage door making strange noises?
It could be the door or the opener try to disconnect the opener and opener and close the garage door manually, if you are still hearing the noise then its defiantly the door.
Why does my garage door go back up on its own after I close it?
it’s usually a short in the circuit board, like shorts in the wall button, the clicker (remote), the wall button wiring, the wired key-pad as well along with other related issues, you might want to call a tech to be on the safe side.
Can a garage door opener be fixed?
If the mother board isn’t burned out then some garage door openers could be reparable. If it’s a sprocket gear or spring that’s broken those can easily be repairs, but call a professional for service as this could be very dangerous on you own.
what’s the proper way to align garage door sensors?
First turn off any power that to your sensors before touching them. The sensors may have come out of alignment when you tighten the screws or when the door is used a lot they tend to move a little bit.
Do you offer on-site mobile service?
Yes we do, we provide complete mobile , such as installations and reparations. Furthermore, you can get online or personal advice from us.
What’s the best brand for a new garage door openers?
There are many brands for garage doors openers. It all depends on what type of opener your garage door needs. Call a professional to inform you about the different types of openers and their capability of each one.
What garage door opener is the quietest?
There are different types of garage door openers but your best option for a quiet garage door opener is a chamberlain premium whisper drive , chamberlain ultra quiet and lift master 8550, they reach have different features but they are all reliable garage door openers.
How can I fix a broken cable?
This procedure is very delicate if not done right you might damage something else , or worse brake the garage door spring. You might want to call an expert to do the job for you.
How often do I need to my garage door serviced?
Many people use the garage door as a main entrance to their home therefore the garage door goes up and down hundreds times in a month. Personally, we advise customers to check their garage door every 4-6 months. If no used often then yearly, but keep in mind parts rust if they are not used and then they finally are they can break.
What’s the proper way to replace my garage door spring?
There are various steps to replacing a garage door spring. If you don’t have the proper spring size you garage door wont lift properly and the spring will defiantly break again, this could be a very dangerous, make sure to contact your local garage door company to ask for advice or have them come and take a look at it.
Do I have to replace my dented panel or is I repairable?
Its rear to find a single garage door panel exactly as your laying around. Many wear houses stop making the brand or discontinue the style. Sometimes the garage door is very Badly damaged and it can not be repairable but if it is don’t try doing it yourself because you can damage it more.
what could be the reasons my garage door isn’t opening?
There could be many reasons why your garage door isn’t opening . call a professional to diagnose the problem if you don’t know what the problem Is. Better be safe than sorry
How to fix an off-track garage door?
You might need some extra help completing this procedure, especially if your garage door has a problem near the bottom of the track, contact a repair technician for further assistance.
Why isn’t my button remote inside the house working?
It could be short circuit on the wiring on the wall, which in that case you might want to hire a professional to take a look at it.