Tips on How to Paint a Metallic Gate

by | Mar 19, 2017 | Gates

This task seems to be straight forward, but, you might end up despising your work if you don’t have information that pertains to painting metallic gates. Therefore, you need to know some basics, such as the right type of paint for your gate, how many coats to apply etc. By redecorating your gate, you give people the right impression of your premises as compared to having an old rusty gate.

Things you should consider;

  1. Do you need special paint?

Metal paints are designed for tough, durable tasks and can be used on all types of metal surfaces. In most cases, exterior metal paint is oil based and requires that you first apply an undercoat before applying the finish since it makes the paint last for many years.

  1. Choosing the right paint

Not all types of metal paints can be used on the outside, so it’s always important to first read products details carefully before you buy. In addition, you can also seek the advice of  paint experts.

  1. The best time to paint

Summer time is the best time to paint your gate since it dries well and the paint also sets much better. It’s advisable to always check the weather condition before you start painting since rain can ruin your work.

Steps you should follow when painting your gate;

Step 1

Start by laying down a plastic sheet underneath the gate to protect the floor from the paint which might spill or drip. It saves you the headache of removing the stains later.

Step 2

In case some parts have rust, use a sand paper to remove any flaking paint or bumps. In addition, make sure you have a respiratory mask on and goggles.

Step 3

Metal surfaces that are new or old are likely to have dust or grease; therefore, before you begin painting, you should first clean the surfaces with a solvent such as turpentine.

Step 4

After the surface has dried, use a soft brush to apply a primer on the metallic surface. This helps in preventing quick build up of rust again.

Step 5

Once the primer is dry, apply a coat of your preferred paint using either a soft brush or a spray gun and ensure that you don’t leave out any part.

Step 6

If the paint looks dull, then you can add a second coat to the gate, however, the first coat is enough most of the time. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your brushes using white spirit and display them out in the sun to dry.

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