The Benefits of Automatic Gates

by | Feb 25, 2017 | Gates

Security and safety is an important element of every home or office, luckily, there are different types of gates you can choose from to control the entry and exit of people into your premises. In the past, electric gates were only for the rich, but now they are within the budgets of many people. There are different varieties in the market depending on your style, preference and requirements. Not only do they provide improved security and convenience, they also increase comfort and have significant benefits. Additionally, they come with different gadgets and accessories, such as remote controls, sensors, gate openers, control kits etc.

Some of the benefits include;

  • Can be linked to touchpad systems and keycards

This is one of the most important features that come with most automatic gates. The feature makes it easy to control the entry of people into your premises since only those who have the right clearance are allowed entry. This means that you don’t necessarily need a security guard to man the gate. In addition, you can use computerized logs to view entry and exit from your premises.

  • Quick entry and exit

Unlike manual gates where people have to queue to gain entry as their ID gets checked, automatic gates allows quick entry and exit since identification is done very fast. This feature makes them very convenient in preventing any form of delays

  • It can be turned to a hybrid of manned and automatic system

Of course not everyone entering your premises has authorized entry, especially when it comes to visitors. Therefore, having someone to man the gate will help in checking for their appointments via the intercom so that they can be granted entry. Consequently, you will avoid causing inconveniences to your visitors

  • It’s the best for automobiles

Having an automatic gate makes entry and exit of drivers easy and they don’t have to get out of their vehicles. Getting rained on is not something pleasing and an automatic gate helps in solving this problem. Furthermore, you don’t want you visitors getting rained on as they try to open your manual gate for themselves.

  • Provides tight security

Since most of the automatic gates are made of heavy metallic material, they are almost inviolable due to their mechanical operations. Contrary to that, manual gates can be easily opened by intruders.

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