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New Doors

Get a new garage door today! We have many options to choose from such as window styles, insulation options and many more. With our help you can design the garage door you have always dreamed of! Contact us today to get a beautiful new door installed!


Tired of pulling and and pushing your door up and down everytime you want to park in your garage? It’s time to get a new state of the art garage door opener installed to make parking your car as easy as possible. Contact us today to find out about all your opener options!


Cables snapped and now you garage door won’t budge? And your car is trapped inside? Our technicians are available 24/7 to help install or adjust your cables and make sure we can get your door running smoothly again in to time. Call us now to get a tech out to you!


Torsion springs broke? Need a whole new torsion system? Not a problem! Get one of our highly skilled technicians out to your property to get it fixed today. We offer same day service and at an affordable price that no one can beat! Give us a call today!

What Make Us Stand Out

Same Day Service

Your time is important to us, we will respond fast and provide you with same day service.

Real Experts Techs

All technitians are licensed and have many years of expierence. Reason why you should always hire real experts.

We Are Local

We have local technicians just minutes away from you, By choosing our service you supporting local business owners.

Why Choose Us

We always make sure that our customers are satisfied with our service and our technitians.

Benefits Of Fox Company


We are a mobile service, going to your city or a city near you. That’s why mobile is the best way to go.

Save Money

Saving money is the best, therefore make sure to ask us how we can save you some money on your garage door repairs.


We carry very high-end tools as well as brands to make sure we give our customers only the best for their garage door needs.

About Fox Garage Door Repair

To match inside of your home the outside needs to boast character, from the classic look to the conventional and even the contemporary at Fox Garage Door Repair we bring you over a decade worth of industry experience. From the installation of your brand new garage door to repairs and small fixes here and there to regular maintenance, we offer it all to you. Our shelves at our warehouse are stocked with only the best in products and accessories. Fully licensed and insured, we offer service with a smile in a timely manner and at affordable rates.

We based in multiple cities around the United States, and we are proud to serve the surrounding cities within.  With a team of technicians who are both reliable and trustworthy – each one is trained and passionate about the services we offer to our valued customers. So whether you are looking to have a brand new door installed or would like to upgrade your existing system in place, are looking into having repairs done or even want small fixes to springs or the like – at Fox Garage Door Repair we are at your service.

With same day visits and timely delivery of all jobs we take one – Fox Garage Door Repair focuses on quality work and aims at completing each project within the timeframe specified by you. All that and more offered at market comparable and compatible prices.

For more information or to arrange a visit, you are able to get in touch with us today on the details mentioned on our CONTACT page.


Check out some of our latest reviews

Fantastic service!

I love the fact that Fox garage door repair provides same day service. I was in big trouble today I couldn’t open my garage door to get my care out so I had to call an Uber. When I got to work, I say that they only charge nineteen dollars to look at it so I booked my appointment. I also loved that I can set my own appointment time, I didn’t know companies worked after five which is the time I get out. When the tech told, me it was my opener that was burned out and it wasn’t repairable I was most certain that he wasn’t going to be able to replace it that same day. but when he told me he had an opener in his truck, I think it was the happiest day ever. They did great!
- Ana Evans

Wonderful Experience

I just want to thank Fox garage door repair and their team for being such a great company. I have had then come to my house for different occasions and every time they fix something they are kind enough to check everything. I haven’t had a problem with my garage door in a good while but if you guys are looking for a great loyal and professional company its garage door repair.
- Lorenzo Cox

Thank you for standing behind your work.

My smart little nephew left his bike under the garage door so when my mom closed it, it bent the whole rail on the bottom. So now when we tried to open it, it wouldn’t open or close the whole way because of the panel that was bent. We immediately called Fox garage door repair and they came out the next day to fix it. They walked us through what they were going to do and they did a great job.
- Mary Gill